Backups…What’s the hype?

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Computer Whatever sees it all the time…

Customer: “My computer just died while I was working on it…I really need my data, there are tons of family pictures on there”

Computer Whatever: “Do you have a backup?”

Customer: “No…”

There is only so much we can do if a drive goes bad…while there are times we can save the data Computer Whatever ALWAYS recommends that you do a backup of your hard drive at least once a week (if not daily).  If Computer Whatever cannot get the data off of the drive you are looking at paying hundreds (sometimes a thousand) of dollars to get that precious data of your child’s first steps or you family’s vacation in Australia.

There are two different options to do backups:

  1. External hard drives – You can buy external hard drives anywhere and have them set to backup however you choose.  The downside to these is that you have to remember to plug them in, and they are stored in the same location as your computer.
    • Worst case scenario with external hard drives: if your house starts on fire, the backup is sitting with the computer that gets destroyed.  If your computer is stolen and your external hard drive is in your laptop case, your backup is stolen as well.**
  2. Cloud based backups – Computer Whatever offers a couple different cloud based options that are inexpensive and stores your data offsite.  The benefit to this is that now your data is stored in two different locations.  While Computer Whatever likes the Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive cloud based backups they are NOT secure.  We have tons of customers (residential or business-class) that backup their bank statements, tax information, contacts, pictures, address lists, etc to Dropbox, without knowing that it isn’t a secure form of backup.  Computer Whatever offers backup solutions that are 100% HIPPA compliant, encrypted and secure.
Examples where cloud based solutions have saved people**:
  • A lawyer is fired from the firm they are working for.  She immediately goes back to her desk and deletes all of her client files so her employer cannot use them.  Computer Whatever had their files restored within 10 minutes of the situation occurring.
  • An accountant’s computer dies with all of their client files on it – Computer Whatever had their data restored to a new device and had it to them within the hour.

**Real life examples that have happened to Computer Whatever customers

Computer Whatever recommends a cloud based backup for all of their residential and business-class customers.  

family picturesCan you put a price on your years and years of data?
Can you live without videos of your child’s first steps?

Call Computer Whatever today to get your backups started…
Whatever your computer needs, we can help.

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