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Last Thursday was National Password Day, which gives us a yearly reminder to change our password.

Computer Whatever recommends changing your password at least once per year.  We know, that’s difficult when the lifespan of a dog is 10-15 years – what ever will we change it to?!

The fact of the matter is the cyber world is becoming increasingly dangerous and your password could be the one thing saving you from cyber attacks.  There are things to keep in mind when setting your password:

  1. Don’t have your password be ‘password’ – that is #1 on the top 25 list of WORST passwords
  2. Don’t put your password on a sticky note on your computer monitor, under your keyboard, in your desk drawer, etc
  3. Don’t save your password or username credentials on any websites – Bank Accounts, Amazon, Paypal, Facebook – ANYWHERE.  If hackers have your username they could eventually hack your password
  4. Length > Complexity – see video below.  The password: ‘MyNameIsComputerWhatever’ is much harder to crack than say ‘B0Ws3R’

*Video courtesy of Intel*

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