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We’re MOVING!!

It’s with HUGE excitement that we announce Computer Whatever is moving! It’s not too far of a move, just right around the corner…
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Should I be turning my computer off daily?

There are a few benefits to turning off your computer daily.   Updates:  Many updates need the computer to be shut down completely…
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NEW Summer Hours!

It’s no secret that Minnesotans LOVE summer!  3 short months of pure summertime bliss to which we take FULL advantage of. Laptops get…
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Password Protection

Last Thursday was National Password Day, which gives us a yearly reminder to change our password. Computer Whatever recommends changing your password at least…
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Why Computer Whatever?

Okay…so not a tech tip, but let’s just take a minute to ask Why? Why Computer Whatever? We aren’t your big box company…
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Should I Upgrade?

Windows 10…Should I Upgrade? The most common question we are being asked lately is should I upgrade to Windows 10? The short answer…
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Backups…What’s the hype?

Computer Whatever sees it all the time… Customer: “My computer just died while I was working on it…I really need my data, there…
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Temporary Files

It has come to our attention by many Computer Whatever customers that they aren’t able to open their files with a ‘~$’ in…
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Why is Microsoft Calling Me?

Computer Whatever’s number one customers are those who have allowed ‘Microsoft Tech Support’ on their computer. These people call you and are NOT…
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